How to Pay an Invoice using Invoice Search 🎥

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If you have backdated any payments on the current day they are not reflected in the current Day End report.

Backdated payments will appear on the Day End report for the date you entered under the Summary section but not under the Transaction page listing.

Use the Payment Received Report and Sales Reports.

There are several places you can pay outstanding invoices.


Invoice Search page

a. To pay 1 item go to Home>$Accounting>Invoice Search.


b. Enter the Patient name or other search criteria, then select "Search".



c. Click the icon to the left of the item and select Pay Invoice and select Apply Payment.



d. Go through the Receive payment process.

e. The next popup Confirm Payment by selecting Ok.




f.  The invoice will be created.


Multiple Payments


a. To pay multiple invoices using the Enable Multi Payments option on this page.



b. Another menu will roll out.

c. From the list of invoices select the $ sign located beside each of the receivables you want to pay.


d.  The item will populate to the Invoices to Pay section.


e. When completed selecting the invoice you want to pay select the Pay All Selected button.


f. Within the Receive Payment popup section select the Paid By option and then select Save.



g.  The invoice will be created.




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