How set up Practitioners Availability in the Patient Portal

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Use the practitioner Availability settings to select the available times showing in the patient portal.


  1. Practitioners Profile
  2. Practitioners Availability
    1. Standard Availability
    2. Portal Booking Slots


1. Practitioners Profile

1. Go to Settings > Practitioners

2. Open the Practitioner Profile, select “Can be booked in the Portal” Yes. 

Only system administrators can adjust this setting in a practitioners profile.


By selecting 'yes' the practitioner will now be able to be booked in the portal. Be sure the practitioner is linked to a clinic location that can also be booked in the portal, a schedule type, and services that can be booked in the portal are set up.




2. Availability Tab



1. Click on the 'Availability Tab' inside of the practitioner's profile. Here you will be able to add the practitioner's standard availability by clicking on the 'Add' button.




You then get the schedule where you will select a schedule type first and then click the time/dates slots that the practitioner is available in the clinic.



Select from (1) of (2) ways you can set up availability for the portal.


 a. Standard Availability (practitioner available every day and time slot)

Select the time frame on the schedule to allow appointments to be booked anytime when a patient calls the clinic and goes to the portal.







b. Set Portal Booking Slots (Customize Portal Availability)

Select the Custom Portal Availability link

Notes If you are using the “Set Portal Booking Slots” option you must select at least one time on every day the practitioner is available. 
  If you did not select any portal time slots on the example below for Friday, the practitioner would show available all day in the portal.



You are directed to the portal availability page where the times the practitioner is available to be booked in the portal is selected.  In the example below the practitioner will be available at 9:00 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.




Be sure that the practitioner has an 'End Date' set to their availability. If there is no foreseen change in the practitioners availability it is best practice to set the 'End Date' to ten years from today. An 'End Date' must be listed for the availability to be properly displayed in the portal.


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