How to Book an Appointment on the Patient Portal as a New Patient

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A new patient wants to book an appointment at your clinic's location. Can they book an appointment without a profile?

If you want to use this feature it must be enabled on in your Juvonno system.

Go to Settings, General, System, Portal, Scheduling.  Locate the "Public Appointment Booking" and set it to Yes then Save.




Click on the 'Book Appointment' button on your Juvonno Portal Login page.


They will be instructed to select a:

  • Clinic location
  • Practitioner
  • Service
  • Date


After these processes are complete, the patient will have to complete an 'Appointment Request' form.



Before they finish the appointment request, the patient will be instructed 'Have you been to our clinic before':

  • YES - Login with their username and password
  • NO - Fill out a new username, password, phone number. They will then be able to login to the patient portal and see their created account and booked appointment.


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