How to Create Teleplan Claims

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A. How to create a manual Claim

1. Go to the Accounting>New Claim.

2. The New Claim screen will pop up.

3. The Invoice Date will default to the current day’s date. To change the invoice date (THIS IS NOT THE APPOINTMENT DATE), use the arrow keys and click on the calendar icon to open it and select an invoice date.

4. On the left side of the screen, you will see Patient Name field. Type the patient's name or date of birth on the patient line and select the patient from the drop-down list.

Tips: To add a new patient click the down arrow located at the end of the Patient Name field. The Quick Patient creation input box will open.

BC Health requires the information for the fields with an asterisk.

5. Adjust the date for a backdated appointment, and finally press the Add button to add the tariff to the claim.

6. From the Appointment Details section, If your clinic has only one practitioner, the practitioner’s name will default.

If your clinic has more than one practitioner, select the correct Practitioner by typing in the name on the practitioner line. (If the clinic only has one practitioner they can be set as a default to reduce the steps)

7. Review the claim page to ensure everything is entered then select Save.


B. Create a Claim from a patients appointment on the schedule

1. Click the patient's appointment block on the schedule and select Claim. The patient’s information will populate to the claim screen.

The process is the same as a manual claim.

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