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View the patient's complete invoice history by navigating to History>Invoices.


Click the icon to the left of an item to see the options.




Learn more about the individual fields
View Invoice
View the Invoice (PDF)

Pay Invoice
Pay the Invoice (if receivable)

Email Invoice

Email the Invoice direct to the Patient

Edit Invoice

Edit the Invoice (when applicable)

Edit Invoice Note

Add/Edit the Invoice Note (displays on the Invoice)

Mark Invoice as Sent

Instantly batch and set it to 'Sent' status


Add/Edit an internal Note/Memo (timestamped)

Billing Detail

View further information regarding the invoice


View logs based on the invoice


Void the invoice


What permits an invoice to be editable?


1) Settings > General > System > Accounting:
Edit Direct-billed Invoices must be enabled.

2) Settings > User Types:
Edit 100% Insurance Invoices must be enabled

3) Once the above is enabled for the user, invoices can be edited as long as:

▪ No Payment has been applied towards the invoice
▪ The invoice is not part of a split (i.e. Insurance/Patient)
▪ The invoice is not part of a print batch
▪ The invoice is not within a locked period
▪ The invoice is not due to a claim
▪ The invoice was not processed with a 3rd-party biller i.e. Telus / BCHealth



Further information on Sent invoices


1) Patient Profile > History > Invoices:
a) Invoices set to Sent will display the Sent-Status-Icon.jpg icon and be individually batched.
b) Filter the invoice results by selecting 'Hide Sent Invoices'.

c) Undo the Sent status and batch by selecting 'Reset Invoice back to Created'


d) Invoice's history will log the user, date and time of the status adjustment
e) Hovering the cursor over a Sent Invoice displays the user and date of sent status.



This checkbox toggles the display of voided invoices, select Filter to update.



LEGEND :     Notes =  Notes_Icon.png        Batched Invoices = Batched_Icon.png        Sent Invoices = Sent-Status-Icon.png

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