How to Upload a Document to a Patient Profile

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The documents tab is where you can upload documents such as Referral Letters, Reports, Short Videos etc.  You are also able to show these documents to patients in the portal if you have the portal enabled.



From the documents tab select "New Document".


Document Categories:

When uploading a document you are able to select a Document Category.

You are able to create your own Categories under Settings>Document Categories.


Document Status:

You can select a Status for the document.

You can set these up under Settings>Document Statuses.

Show Documents in the Portal

To show documents in the portal to the patient select +Grant Portal Access button.




To create a custom letter that you built under the Settings>Letters section select "New Letter".



The letter popup allows you  to View an Example or Create a Letter.



Once you save the letter it will appear at the bottom of the Documents page where you will have access to several options when clicking the icon to the left of the item.


Note: You are able to fax a document if you have the Fax module enabled, contact Customer Service to enable this feature.



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