How to Create Auto-Phrases for Charting - Chart Notes

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Save input time when charting using customized chart notes.



  1. Where is it?
  2. How Does it work?

where-sm.pngWhere is it?

Navigate to Settings>Staff Section.  Select either Administrator, Practitioner or Employee.  Click Open.png next to the user and select the Chart Notes tab.



You will see a list of already created notes if you have any.



The templates are available from the Chart_Note_Menu_Link.jpg menu that appears once you start charting.

To select a chart note template either select a note code from the drop-down menu or write out the code itself and use CTRL + Space to have the note autofill the charting field.


How does it work?


To create a template, select New_Note_Template.jpg .
To delete a template, select edit, remove all text and save.



Learn more about what each field represents



Enter a name/label for the note for reference


Enter a short code (8 characters max) to represent this note. While charting, this code can be entered with CTRL + Space entered after to replace the code with the complete note itself.


Select if the note will require a single-line of text or a multi-line of text.
Enter the full note here. Formatting such as spacing will also be included when using the template


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