How to add Patient Warnings 🎥

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There are several areas in Juvonno to show a Patient Warning.

Note: To edit these features to appear throughout Juvonno by turning them on and off go to Settings>General>Scheduling.

a. Appointment Display section: Warning Icon


b. Patient Warnings section: There are several fields to select from.


Patient Profile's General Tab / Warning field


From this page, click the Timestamp to date the note.  Enter the warning for the patient and Save.

When you booking an appointment on the schedule and entering the patient's name, the warning will popup showing you the custom warning and the outstanding balance the patient owes.



Appointment / Reason field

To show the Reason field on the appointment block go to Settings>General>Scheduling>Appointment Display Section>Display Products/Services and Reason field should be set to Yes.



A warning for an individual appointment could be added in the appointment popup "Reason" field.  


It will appear on the schedule block.



Patient Profile / Intake tab

Open the patient profile, click the Intake tab, Medical Warning section, select to "Add" a Medical Warning. The Medical Warning tab in the patients Chart tab will turn Red to draw attention to it.



Patient Profile / Charts / Medical Warning

Open the patient profile, Charts, select the "Add" button to create a new chart. Click the Medical Warning tab, select the "Add" button to create a new Warning.

Patient General Page - Complaint

You can show an Active Complaint on the Patient profile General tab. 

Complaints must be enabled by going to Settings, General, Patients, Medical Profile Section, Complaints field should be Enabled.





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