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Set up Staff Groups to sort the Admin, Practitioners, and Employees that work at your clinics.

Be it Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, Chiropractors and more, your managers and administrators will easily be able to sort through differing staff types.

Staff Groups can also help when sending internal messages to all practitioners or users within a Staff Group, when creating reports and filtering by Staff Group, and when allowing Juvonno users access to select Staff Groups schedules for viewing.


Multi-discipline Clinics

Staff Groups are a great way for multi-disciplinary clinics to sort their staff's schedules. By simply creating staff groups such as:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Massage Therapists
  • Athletic Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Surgeons/Medical Doctors
  • Administrators / Front Desk Staff
  • Operations
  • Management


Single-discipline Clinics

If your clinic consists of a single discipline be sure to set up the Staff Group for those practitioners along with a Staff Group for your Administration / Front Desk Staff.


Practitioner Profiles

Inside of users profiles, you will set up the select staff group(s) that they belong to. If a practitioner is also a manager at the select clinic location, be sure to all both Staff Groups to the practitioner's profile.



  1. Steps
  2. Adding a Staff Group to an Employee Profile
  3. Adding a Staff Group to an Employee Schedule
  4. Primary Group Access Section



Go to Settings > Groups & Categories Section > Staff Groups.




Create Staff Groups according to modality to further define who you are able to send internal messages to, create reports, and whom you can view schedules.

You're also able to set up additional restricted access to users on this page in addition to the Employee settings and the User Type.

Select "New Group".


Fill out the following fields to finish the set up of a Staff Group:




  • Name: Enter the name of the Group, for example, Massage Therapist or Chiropractors.
  • Description: Description of the Staff Group. This is optional.
  • Available Dashboard: For clinics with 1 location you will use "My Practitioners". Clinics with more than 1 location can opt to use the "Clinic Practitioners" dashboard to enable the users to select, from the schedule, which location they want to view.
  • Allow dashboard override: This option allows the employee to change which view they want.
  • Offsite restriction: If you want to reduce access to the system outside the clinic location you can select one of these options.
  • Site IP address: This field is best used if you have hard-wired IP addresses since the IP address can change.  To set your IP address select the "Add Current IP" and it will populate to the text box area.  This will be an IP address that the users in this group will be able to log in from.


Adding a Staff Group to an Employee Profile

Go to Setting > Practitioners, edit the Practitioner/Administrator.




Under the Profile tab, Group field, select from the Staff Groups you created. You are able to add more than one group.




Adding a Staff Group to an Employee Schedule

Individual Practitioner Access Section

Go to Settings>Practitioners/Administrators>Edit a Practitioner/Administrator>Practitioner Access tab>Individual Group Access section.

Select the "Add Practitioner" button.

Select from the list of Practitioners to be viewed on the schedule. 

If you want to add Inactive Practitioners select the "Show inactive Practitioners check box. 



Primary Group Access Section

Go to Settings > Practitioners/Administrators > Edit a Practitioner/Administrator > Practitioner Access tab > Primary Group Access section.

Add practitioners to the schedule view by adding them by the Staff Group. 


Typically you would not be adding administrator groups to the schedule view because they do not book appointments.


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