How to Update Alberta Provincial Tariffs

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You are able to upload the latest Tariffs / Service codes into your system yourself.

While logged into Juvonno go to Accounting.
In the Alberta Health Section click on Imports.

You will see 5 import types: 

1) Diagnostic Code List
2) Explanatory Code List
3) Price List
4) Service Codes/Tariffs
5) Skill Codes/Practitioner Types

Click on the link to the section you want to update for Example, select Service Codes.
Standard Filename field: Shows the name for the file you need to upload.
Choose File: You would have gone to the Alberta Health website and downloaded the latest Codes.  Locate the file from your computer.


If you have deleted or added any items manually in your system this upload will override those items.

To Edit Tariffs go to Settings, Tariffs.

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