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Go to Settings>General>System>Accounting.

Selections set on a new system are the settings that most clinic use. You are able to edit these options at any time.

General Section:

Enter the Fiscal year-end. Select a date from the down drop options.

Invoice Terms:

Enter terms you want to appear at the bottom of all your invoices. You can also add promotions, new employee notices, discounts, holiday hours etc. You 're able to edit this section and keep it updated.

Voiding invoice email:

If you want to receive an email when an invoice has been voided on your system, enter the email address/s it should be sent to.

Tax Section:

Enter default taxes that apply to your business. You can override these entries in your Products & Services.

Billing Section:

If you do not do Provincial Health billing, fields indicating they claims related can be turned off.

Treatment Plan Billing Section: This applies to HCAI (Ontario) clinic billing.

Chiropractor Billing Section:

Enable this only if you do Chiropractor billing through the province.

Payment Gateway (When you have the portal enabled only)

This will allow patients to pay their invoices in the portal using the Stripe Payment Gateway. The Payment Gateway module must also be enabled by going to Settings>General>System>Modules>Payment Gateway>Enabled - Yes.

Loyalty Program Section:

If patients are able to redeem points for products & services, enable this section. The Modules>Loyalty Points field must also be enabled for this feature to work.

Mass Invoicing Section:

Hover over the question mark to read more details about this feature.

Optometry Dispensing Section: Optometry Clinics only.

Payments Section:

These options will appear when you are checking a patient out after they have completed their appointment.

Commissions Section: Enable this if you pay commissions to employees.

Clinics Health Care Numbers: Clinics that do Provincial Billing will complete this section.

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