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Important Notes:  

Please do not use symbols or special characters when creating these charts under any of the elements.

i.e. Do not use any of these: @#%* ( ) or any other symbol.


Radio button:  if you have 2 questions and use the radio button then only 1 of the questions will be able to be selected.

i.e. "Do you smoke?" yes or no - only 1 option will be able to be selected.


Every question should be in its own row for best formatting and view in the patient profile and when creating a pdf.  This applies to creating both a chart and intake form.


Export to PDF - If your PDF version of the chart does not show the entire Field Name, go to Settings, Form and Chart Templates, edit the template, double click the Field Name and add a space to the end of the row then Update Element.



1) Navigate to Settings > Forms & Letters  and select Intake Form & Chart Templates


2) Select + New Chart Template or + New Intake Form Template


3) Enter a Chart Name, Tab Name and Description (optional)
(The Tab Name displays for Practitioners during Charting.)


4) Drag & Drop a Category element and Row element to the Form View
a) Select the Category's name to edit and access its details
b) Select the Row's wrench icon to edit its details and add column separators
c) Select the Row's clone icon to create an exact copy of the row below\




Set a Category to be closed by default when charting by selecting the checkbox:


5) Proceed to add elements from the Tools menu based on preference



6) During the editing process, be sure to select Save Form and Preview Export to PDF
In doing so, you can better format your chart or intake form for PDF output.



Radio Buttons

In order to create a link between radio elements, you need to Edit the Radio Element, create a new group (Group With)  , choose Update then edit the same radio element again to assign it from the Existing Groups menu.

If you want another separate string of radio elements, you'll again need to Create a new group (Group With), choose Update, Edit again to assign from the now updated Existing Groups menu. 

Here's an example of one with a new group entry being Updated, and then seeing the Existing Groups menu updated for assignment:

Radio Button Groups.gif


  1. How to create custom Forms 1 – Getting started (rows & columns)


  1. How to create custom Forms 2 – 2016 – Adding checkboxes etc.


  1. How to create custom Forms 3 – Editing and Assigning to Practitioners


How to show the custom chart in the Patient profile.

1. Open the Practitioner profile who will be using the Chart.

2. Go to the Chart tab.

3. Under the Custom Form Editor Templates section, select the check beside the chart you built and Save.

4. When you go to a Patient Profile, Chart tab, select "Add" you will see a chart tab with the name of the custom chart.

How to show the custom Intake form in the Portal and or the Patient profile.

NOTE: The portal must be enabled to be able to select the Intake forms to be shown in the portal.

1. Go to Settings, Intake Form and Chart Templates.

2. In the top right corner of the page select "Intake Form Defaults".

3. Select the check box to show in the Profile, Portal, select if there's a default clinic, default product category and/or default product items.


4. Go to the Patient Profile, Intake tab.  You will see a tab with the name of the Intake form you created.

Select the "Begin Intake Form" button to start entering data.  Save when you are finished.



How to Use the Drawing Canvas

You are able to insert an image within a custom Intake form or Chart.

From the "Settings" tab, "Document Categories", selet "New Category".


Create a category for example called "Images" or "Images for custom forms".


Now go to the Documents tab. 

Complete the form fields and upload the Image document you have saved on your computer that you want to insert in the Custom Intake or Chart Form.

In the "Document Category" field select the "Category" you previously created.

In the "File Name" field, give the file a name for example "DrawingImage" don't put any spaces.

Save when completed.


Now go to Settings, "Intake form and Chart Templates".

Open the item you are working on.

Drag and drop the "Drawing Canvas" to the right into the worksheet.


Now double click on the "Drawing Toolbar" image to display a file uploading popup.


From "Select Image" section select Category and the name of the file you uploaded as shown in the image below then select "Update".



The image will be displayed in the form field, Save the Document.


For a thorough video tutorial of our chart and intake form builder watch this 27-minute session:





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