How to Assign Resources to Appointments

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Resources are used to assign rooms, modalities or any other reserved items that have limited availability at any one time.



Enable the Resources setting within this area of the system. First navigate to Settings>General>Modules>Advanced Section>Resources and enable it then save.


Next navigate to Settings>General>Scheduling>Resources.


Follow the steps found here to Create Resources.



Navigate to Settings>General>Modalities>Advanced>Resources and Enable it.




  1. How Does it Work?
  2. Optional : Assign Resources to Practitioners
  3. Optional : Resource Dashboard

How Does it Work?

Resources are utilized while booking appointments on the schedule.


The appointment block will state what resource has been scheduled.


If a resource is not available or is currently in use, upon attempt of booking another practitioner an error message will display to notify you it's in use.


Optional : Assign Resources to Practitioners

Navigate to Settings>General>Scheduling>Resources section>Assign Practitioners to Resources.


Navigate to a Practitioner's Profile and edit their Availability. If you have select to Assign Practitioners to Resources then you can select which date and times they will have a specific resource available.


Select from the drop-down menu which resource will be assigned to this practitioner.


Optional : Resource Dashboard

Enable an administrator/practitioner's schedule view to include a Resources filter.


Navigate to a Practitioner's or Administrator's Profile and select the Preferences tab.

Locate Dashboard, select Resource Schedule from the drop-down menu and Save.


The main schedule will default to display resources and their bookings.

To switch back to the original practitioner view, select the Practitioners  tab on the top right.


Tip When booking an appointment from the resource schedule itself, don't forget to select a practitioner. Otherwise, the main schedule will not display this booking correctly.
  You do not have to assign practitioners to resources to use them for your clinic.


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