How to Enable Text Appointment Reminders 🎥

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NOTE: There is no charge for Text Messages.


The system will use the Default reminder you set up under Settings, General, Scheduling, Scheduling Section, Default Reminder field as the default when you create new patient profiles.

You are able to override this setting in the patient profile and when booking a patient appointment.

1. The patient must have a valid cell phone number on their Patient Profile General page in the Cell number field.

2. You can override the Reminder System Default by going to the Patient Profile>General Page>Default Reminder and select a different reminder, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.




Set the System Default to Text Reminders

1. If you want all your patient reminder defaults to be text, go to Settings>General>Email & Reminders>Scheduling section>Default Patient Reminder.

2. Select 1 of the Text Message reminder options. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.

You must have a valid Cell number in the Patient Profile, General Page, Cell number field.



The cell number should be in this format (416) 222-2222.

The Cell number should be set to the Default.




Edit Text Reminder Content

1. Go to Settings>General>Email & Reminders>SMS Messages section.





You cannot have more than 160 characters including the characters that will populate within the tags or the text message will not send.  We suggest you keep the number to 130 to account for spaces and text that will be auto-populated based on the tags you use.


2. Within this section, you will see examples of "Tags" you can use to auto-populate information into the message.  If you edit this section, scroll to the bottom of the page and "Save".


View text messages - Sent and Received

Patients are able to reply to text messages.  If you don't want replies write in the SMS Message DO NOT REPLY. 

1. Go to the Home page, Communication>Text Messages.

2. From the Text Messages page, you can do a search for messages.


3. You're able to send a custom text message from this section by selecting the "Send a Message" link located in the top right corner of the page. Enter the recipient's cell number, type your message and Send.  The recipient will be able to communicate back.  




4. The status column indicates if the text message was sent.


5. Headers and Errors of Failed Message

Click the blue icon to the left of an item for additional options. If a message shows an "Error" under the status column select the "View Details" option. At the bottom of the pop there is a "Header" field click the "Show" link to read more details about the error.

If you have exceed the number of characters (160) it will indicate that on this popup.


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