How to Manage Appointment Email Reminders 🎥

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You are able to send the patient a Notification and or an Email Reminder.

Notification: Is sent at the time the appointment is being booked on the schedule advising the patient the appointment has been scheduled.


Email Reminders:  There are several places the system responds to sending the reminder.

1. Based on the System Default under Settings, General, System Tab, Scheduling Tab, Scheduling section, Default Patient Reminder field.

2. Default set in the Patient Profile, General Page, Default Reminder field.

3. When booking an appointment on the schedule you have the option to override what is set in the patient profile default reminder field for just that appointment.


Notification Setting

1. From the Home page go to the Settings>General>System>Scheduling - Appointment Emails Section.

2. Set the Patient Booking Notification field to Yes or No, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.



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