How to set a Patient's Default Appointment Reminder

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Patient Default Overrides

You can override the Default Appointment Reminder that was set up under Settings, General, System tab, Scheduling tab, Scheduling Section, Default Patient Reminder in 2 places.

1. When scheduling an appointment on schedule there is a "Patient Reminder" field on the popup.  Select a different option from the drop down menu for "Just this Appointment".

2. Open the patient profile, scroll to the Default Reminder field and make a selection from the drop down options.


Patient Profile - Default Reminder / General Page

Email Reminder: The patient must have a valid email address on their profile under the Default Reminder field in order to receive an email reminder.

Text: must have a valid Cell phone number in their profile and the default set to Text.

Automated Call: must have a valid phone number in 1 of the phone fields and it must be set to the Default.



Set the System Default 

You can set the system default.  This is the method in which the patient will be reminded of their appointment unless their patient profile Reminder field has been set to another method that will override this setting.

1. Go to Settings>General>System>Scheduling tab>Scheduling section>Default Patient Reminder.

2. Select 1 of the reminder options. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.


Where to view email reminders and notifications in the Patient Profile

Go to the the Patient Profile>Correspondence>System Emails.

All system emails that are sent through Global office will be logged on this page.


Where to view text reminders sent and received

Go to Communication>Text Reminders.


Automated Calls

There is no log for these as they are automated voice messages.


Quick Access to the Appointment Email log 

1. From the Home page go to Communication>Appointment Reminders.

2. All the emails that are sent through the system to your patients will be logged on this page. Click the blue icon to the left of the item for more options. 

3. Resend the reminder: You will have the option to resend the reminder if the appointment is in the future.

4. The status column will indicate if the email was sent, not sent or if there is an error.



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