What distinguishes Administrator, Practitioner and Employee profiles?

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The three main user profiles are preset with access and restrictions based on the workflow standards.




  1. Administrators
  2. Practitioners
  3. Employees 
Tip If the owner of the clinic is both a Practitioner and an Administrator,  both profile types should be created in order for them to gain access to all functions and settings.


This user profile is ideal for staff such as Front Desk, Managers or Accountants. Further restrictions/permissions can be applied using User Types.

Unique Capabilities:

Create and edit Administrator and Practitiioner profiles

Create Products & Services, add and edit employee profiles

Perform Provincial Billing functions (i.e. HCAI, MB Health)



A single Level 2 Administrator profile is created per system which has advanced functionality, such as access to User Types, Provincial Billing modules, Telus eClaims field setup, and the ability to create other Level 2 users.


This level of user is also able to log out Staff who have not logged out of the system.

To release the license go to Settings, General, Security, Active Users.  Select the staff member name and enter your password and select Logout.


It is recommended to have the owner or head administrator set up using this profile type.  However you can have more than 1 level 2 Administrator based on your needs.  Only a level 2 Administrator can assign a level 1 Administrator to level 2.

Note Administrative profiles, once deleted, cannot be reactivated.
Be careful to not delete a Level 2 administrator, unless another has been made.




This user profile is ideal for staff such as Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors.
Further restrictions/permissions can be applied using User Types.

Unique Capabilities:

Ability to Copy Last Chart Data when Charting

Author Charts 

Charting Tab - appears on the Schedule and keeps track of outstanding charts

Can have custom Schedule Types created and assigned

Note Setting a Practitioner to Full Access still limits the following:
  • Inability to change User Type details under their own Login tab
  • Inability to edit an Administrator's profile details however they can perform edits to other practitioner profile information (other than the Login page)




These profiles have very limited access to the system and its functions.
Most users should be set as either Administrators or Practitioners.

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