How to Add Appointment Confirmation Requests to Appointment Reminders

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Appointment Confirmations are a handy tool to help reduce no-shows by automatically asking patients to confirm their upcoming appointment. This article will walk you through How to Add Appointment Confirmations to Appointment Reminders.



Note: If you do not have access to this setting, please contact your system administrator


Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Go to Settings then select General under System & Company Settings


Step 2: Locate Modules

Go to Modules, then select Enabled from the dropdown menu beside Appointment Confirmations, then click Save


Step 3: Add to Appointment Email Reminders

Go to Reminders & Notifications then select Yes from the dropdown menu beside Include Confirmation Link


Step 4: Add to Appointment Text Reminders

Scroll down to Appointment Text Reminders and select Yes from the dropdown menu beside Text Message Confirmation, then Save

Tip: From here, you can also customize the Reminder Text Message and include key information like Appointment Date and Time using Content Tags. Learn How to Edit Appointment Reminders



Your Appointment Reminders, both email and text, will now include the Appointment Confirmation



Confirmed appointments will now display as Confirmed on the schedule.


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