How to Add an Insurance to a Patient Profile Including Telus

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If you have not already set up your insurance settings, click here to review the guide.


Notes You can only bill primary telus insurance companies through Juvonno.
  There's a section just focused on Telus  - Telus

Adding a New Insurance

1. Navigate to Patient Profile > Insurance > New Insurance, Insurance section.


Custom Insurance Label

If you do not see this field in the Patient Insurance record popup you have to enable it by going to: Settings > General > Patients > Insurance Section > Custom Label field.

Example of using this field:

A patient may have 2 WCB claims.  Enter the name of each WCB claim to easily identify them when booking an appointment.



Biller field: 

Only applicable to BC Teleplan.

2. Insurance Company:

Select the insurance company from the drop-down options and select the relationship and enter policy details.



3. Adjustor Section
Enter Adjustor information if it applies. This information will populate to batch invoices.
Start typing the name of an adjuster in the Adjuster field and any pre-populated names you have entered will appear for you to select. These names are stored under Settings, Contacts.


To add a new adjuster click the down arrow at the end of the Adjuster row and select Add to create the adjuster record of information.  You can then start typing in the name of that adjuster and they will appear in a drop down menu to select from throughout the system.




4. Deductible Section

Enter the Deductible details. (Not required when direct billing to Telus)  The amount will be deducted and shown on the first invoice you create after creating this record.



5. Policy Rules:

Coverage Type: Default 


Note Telus: You will only ever select Teluls Health eclaims in this field and the the default must be 100%.
  This would have been set up under Settings>General>Patients>Insurance Section>Default Coverage Percentage (as stated above) it will automatically appear in this field. 


Private Insurance: 

*Use this section for insurance not being submitted through Telus.

If the patient has the same percentage across the board for example 100% or 80% you can select "Default" and all insurances will be calculated based on the percentage entered here. 




Coverage Type - Per Category

*Use this option for insurance companies that are not submitted directly through Telus.


Per Default Category Coverage


We suggest you use this option.  These categories are based on those you set up under Settings>Product & Services Categories.

Some insurance companies cover different percentages based on the modality for example 80% for Chiro, 50% for Massage etc.

The menu will expand where you can further define each service and amount of coverage, maximums etc. based on the category.

Coverage Type: Block Fee / Block Billing


Enter a start date, an end date* and total amount allowed.
These policy rules will be visible in the appointment booking popup.
The total Amount will count down as it's being used.


*Note If you do not set an End Date, this Block Fee will not correctly function with the maximum amount set and if the invoice amount is more than the amount allowed, it will leave the insurance with a negative amount without splitting the difference towards the patient.
  If you do not want an End Date, choose a date that is far off into the future (i.e. 5 years out)

Per Detailed Category Coverage

When you have more than 1 type of percentage per modality this is the best option to use as you can break it down by modality, percentage, maximums etc.


Coverage Type: Telus Health eClaims

Use this option when creating insurance for a Telus insurer. Telus only allows you to submit primary insurers through Juvonno. 


Coverage Type: Telus Health eClaims - Category Coverage

You can use the Coverage Type option to manually set up the individual percentages covered by insurance.  However, the invoice will still be submitted through Telus at 100%.




Coverage Reset

Select when the patient's insurance expires or select No Expiry if applicable.


6. Other Section

From the Billijng Order field select which order the insurance will be calculated when creating the invoice.



Status: When this insurance is exhausted or is no longer active set it to Inactivate.


Notes: Add any notes pertaining to the patient if there are any.



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