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Contacts can be selected in a patient's profile General tab under Contacts.

Note: You can also add a new contact to the patient from within the Patient Profile.


Create your Contact Types

There are 3 pre-built contact types already in the system General Practitioner, Lawyer and Referred By.

Note: External Practitioner is used as the Referred by for reporting purposes.

1. To go Settings>Companies & Contacts section - Contacts>New Type.

2. Code: This code is for your own reference.

3. Name: Enter a name of the Contact Type (i.e. Diabetic Specialist) then Save.

Now set up your Contacts

1. Settings>Companies & Contacts section - Contacts>New Contact.

2. Enter the details of the Contact and select their Contact Type.


Add Contacts to Patient Profiles

1. Go to Patient Profile>General Page>Contact Section.



2. You can start typing the name of one of the contacts you added under 1 of the 3 pre-built Types  General Practitioner, Lawyer, Referred By and the name will appear for you to select.


Click the arrow at the end of each Contact Type row for more options to Add a New Contact, View Information or Clear.



3. You can add as many contacts as you like. Under the Additional section select the "Add a Contact" option. A new field will open for you to select the Type, start typing the name of an individual you already entered or select the down arrow at the end of the row to add a new contact name.


  • To delete any 1 of the 3 pre-built contacts click the arrow at the end of the row and select "Clear".
  • To delete a contact under the Additional section select the red x at the end of the row.

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