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  1. What is a Vendor
  2. Examples of Vendors
  3. Where Will Vendors Appear
    1. Products & Services
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  4. Set Up Steps
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What is a Vendor?

A vendor is any business that you purchase a product from.

A product can include knee braces, Bosu balls, athletic equipment, weights, eyeglass frames, desks, office furniture, active tables, massage tables, and more.



Examples of Vendors

  • Rogue Fitness - Sell Dumbells, plated weights, workout benches, weight racks, squat racks
  • Oakley - Sell eyeglass frames
  • Clinic Supplies Canada - Sell braces, pain relief, physio supplies, massage supplies
  • EQ3 - Sell office equipment
  • Staples - Sell office supplies



Where Will Vendors Appear?

The Vendors that you add in Settings will appear on drop down options throughout Juvonno when creating and editing your products and services and working on payables.

Products & Services

Go to:

  • Settings > Products & Services > Open Product Profile > Vendors Tab





Go to:

  • Accounting (hover over the icon) > Payables > + New Payable






Set Up Steps

Go to:

  • Settings > Companies and Contacts > Vendors > + New Vendor
  • From there you will need to fill out the basic information, located on the tabs of the vendor's profile.





Vendor Tabs



Fill out the basic location and contact information of the vendor. 





Fill out the tax numbers that will be provided by the vendor, select if you will be charged GST or PST, your clinic's credit limit with the Vendor and the Term of Days to Pay.




Complete contact information for your vendors. Anything from the Owner of the company, the Account Manager you deal with, or the Sales Person.




View Invoices, Purchases, Payments, Voids and Changes made to the Vendors profile on this page.



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