How to Set up Special Promotions

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1. To set up special promotions for your clinic go to Settings>Promotions>New Promotion.


The next page requires some data to be entered.


2. Enter the Name of the Promotion

3. Start & End Date. Or, you can select the "No End" check box.

4. The dollar if it's applicable.

5. Value Type: Select Dollars Off or Percentage Off.

6. Patient Group: If the item only applies to a specific Patient Group, select the group.

7. Status: Active.

8. Enter a Description.

9. Under the Details Section select Add Item. Enter the items you want the promo to apply to.

10. Under the Type section select if the promotion is on a Product, Category, Department or All Products.

11. Enter the Product & Service name then Save.

When you are creating a quick invoice or booking an appointment with a patient using the Promotion item the total will calculate accordingly.


There are several places within GoHealth you can enter details about promos you're offering and notices to make sure your patients don't miss out on Great Deals, Special Events, New Practitioners, Notices that your moving and much more.

1. Add details to the bottom of your invoices under the Terms.

Go to Settings>General>System>Accounting>Invoice Terms.

2. Add details to patient Notifications and Email Reminders.

Go to Settings>General>System>Email & Reminders>Patient Booking Notification
& Reminder Message.

3. Add details to Portal Confirmations, Invitations etc.

Go to Settings>General>System>Email & Reminders>Portal Signup Emails.


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