How to Receive & Transfer Inventory

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Receive Items

After you created and sent your Purchase Order, you will receive the items and need to update your inventory when it arrives.

You do not need to create a Purchase Order to be able to use the inventory feature.

If you have created a purchase order and are receiving inventory against it, follow these steps:

1. Go to Accounting>Purchase Orders. Select the icon to the left of the purchase order Number and select "Receive Items".

There are a few ways you can receive Items.

  • A. All items are received on the order
  • B. Partially received items
  • C. Received/Cancelled items

A. All items are received on the order

If you have received everything you ordered this image shows the columns and check box you will select.



3. At the bottom of the page beside the "Save Actions" you will have several options. You can select "Create Payable" to create a payable for the item and "Save". The Accounting/Payables page will open.

4. Enter the Payable Details then "Save & Exit".

5. The Payable you created will appear on the Accounting/Payables list.

6. Click the blue icon to the left of the item, select "Pay Payable".

7. The Accounting/Payables/Pay form will open with the details populated.

8. Select Save & New or Save & Close. This changes the payable to paid and it will be removed from the Accounting/Payables list.

B. Partially received items



NOTE: The Total Value Received field will adjust.

On the list of purchase orders, this will be flagged as Partially Received.  When you receive the remainder of the items you can click on the icon to the left of the item and continue to receive the items.

C. Received/Cancelled items




- Example, the Ordered # column for the Exercise Ball shows 6.  If you want to cancel an item/s and do not update this column but enter a lesser number in the Cancel Field, select Done Receiving, all inventory will be received.  You will have manually update the inventory page under the product.

- The Total Value Received field will adjust.

On the list of purchase orders, this will be flagged as Received/wCancelled. 




View Inventory

1. Go to Settings, Products & Service.

2. Edit the product Items you received inventory for.

3. Click the Iventory tab.  The inventory items will show as added.

4. Click the History tab, Inventory Changes link to view the history of received item.


Inventory Transfers

You’re able to track inventory you transfer from one location to another.

1. Go to Accounting>Purchase Orders Section - Inventory Transfers.

2. Transfers you enter in the system will be displayed on a list.  Search Section: Perform a search.

3. Select “New Transfer” located at the top right corner of the page. A blank transfer form will open.

4. Enter transfer information then select “Save”.

NOTE: You are able to self inventory and create a negative balance of items and you are able to transfer inventory that is under the "On Order" column to another location.





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