How to Set Up and Track Staff Commissions

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Staff Commissions based on Product, Category or Department.

Where is it Enabled?

Start by navigating to Settings>System & Company Settings>General>Modules>General Section> Commissions. Enable it and Save.


Once Enabled, the Commissions tab will appear in the Practitioner staff profile.

This also activates the Commissions section in Accounting.

Staff Setup

Navigate to the Staff Member's Profile and select the Commissions tab.



Tip Before adding Commissions, ensure you have already created Products & Services first, and if applicable their Category and/or Department.
  Commissions are only activated and will be calculated based on the day and time you add the commission, they are not retroactive.

To add a commission, select +New Rate and proceed to enter the details.


Learn more about what each field represents.



Select from the menu, if this commission will be based on a single Product, a Category or Department.

Product: Item #
If selecting Product as the type, you will need to enter the item # (searchable by name) of the product, and select Go. The Product name will then appear below the Item #.
Department / Category If selecting either of these types, another menu will appear to choose which department or category you would like to apply the commissions towards.
Calculation Field
Select if you would like the amount calculated based on either the Profit or Total amount of the product. If the products/services involved do not have a Cost and Retail amount set, selecting Profit may not calculate correctly.
Calculation Type
Select if the commissions will be based on a percentage of the calculation field, or a set dollar amount.
Depending on the calculation type, enter a percentage or dollar value.


If you are using the Pending and Approved Commissions feature see additional articles listed below.


Pending and Approved Commissions


Commission Reports

There are a few available options for exporting commission-related reports.


Select a report below to learn more:

Invoice-Icon.png Commissions by Practitioner

Invoice-Icon.png Commissions for Specific Practitioner

Invoice-Icon.png Commission Payments



WARNING: If you are using the commissions' feature for any practitioner within your system, we strongly suggest you only refund invoices rather than voiding or editing to ensure the commission report reflects correctly. DO NOT edit the practitioner name on invoices from the Accounting, Invoice Search page as it will not update the commissions.


If you have already invoiced a patient, approved and/or paid a commission, you must refund the invoice using a Quick Invoice.  Re-create the invoice exactly as the original to ensure reports reflect correctly.

When refunding the item, make sure to add a minus sign before the Qty amount (i.e. -1), under the Product & Services section where you enter the item/service you are refunding. This will then create a negative amount.

Navigate to Accounting > Pending Commissions, select the checkbox to the left of the item and select Approve from the "With Selected" options.

In Reports > Commissions by Practitioner, You will notice the negative amount added that is NOT paid to the practitioner. Also, the Commission Payments report will no longer display the payment.


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