How does the Billing Tab work?

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Track appointments that are ready to be invoiced.

From the Home page, Billing tab, use this tab to locate any appointments that were set to arrived or completed but were not invoiced. Also, take advantage of the multi-invoice function that batch invoices selected for payment.


How does it work?

From the home schedule, select the Billing tab.

This page offers a Quick Invoice link and a Down-Arrow.png menu that has options to create a New Claim, or Bill Selected


Learn more about the individual fields


Quick Invoice

This link opens the quick invoice form.

New Claim

This link opens the quick claim form.

Bill Selected

This link assumes you have selected (using checkboxes) one or more
appointments and will auto-invoice them based on the products or services attached. Once complete, the appointments will be removed from the tab.

More Options Available

Select  Menu-Icon.png next to an appointment to display a drop-down menu:



Learn more about the individual fields


Appointment Checkout

Opens a new window displaying the invoice checkout page.

Chiropractor Billing

Opens a Claim window.

Claim Appointment

Opens a new window displaying the appointment claims edit page.

Bill Patient
or 3rd Party

Opens a new window displaying the appointment claims edit page.

View Appointment

View details of the appointment booked.

Open Patient Profile

Open the patient profile details.

Schedule Followup

A blank appointment page will open where you can schedule a follow-up.

No Bill

You will be prompted to confirm you want to remove the appointment from the billing list. This can be used for pro-bono situations. You will not be able to invoice an appointment you flag as “No Bill” after this action is completed.

Already Billed

Set the appointment as 'billed' and prevent an invoice being created for it.
If an invoice has not been paid and you make this selection, the invoice will NOT appear under the Patient Profile's History > Invoices. 

You will only find this item under the "Appointments" tab within the patients profile.  The appointment status will be "Billed".


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