How to Set Up Custom Fields

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  1. What is a Custom Field
    1. Locations
    2. Types
  2. Set Up a Custom Field
    1. Patient Fields
    2. Employee Fields
    3. Vendor Fields




What is a Custom Field


A custom field allows administrators to set up additional questions in the following types, that solicit answers from users inside of the locations.



Locations of custom fields




Types of custom fields


Single Line Text Box

Suitable for typing in small bits of information such as names, emails, and numbers.



Multi-Line Text Area

Suitable for typing in a paragraph of information.




Simple checked or not checked box.




Date selector with a calendar attached.




Able to set up canned answers that will be shown from the drop-down list.







Set Up a Custom Field

Go to:

Settings > System Entities & Types > Custom Fields > + New Custom Field





Fill out the fields related to the custom field you are adding.




The name of the custom field. This will appear to the left of the field when displayed.


Location the custom field will be displayed.

Control The type of custom field.





Patient Fields


Located on all patient profile under the 'custom' section.



Employee Fields




Vendor Profile




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