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Medical Tariffs are pre-set inside of Juvonno. Medical tariffs are the amounts a medical aid scheme (government) is prepared to pay for specific treatments and procedures. Tariffs are individually set according to each Province across Canada. Learn more about Manitoba Health setup here.




Information on Tariffs


A prefix is the code to identify a specific type of service.

Example - Manitoba Health:

  • 0 – Surgical assistant
  • 1 – Post-operative fee
  • 2 – Surgery
  • 3 – Maternity
  • 4 – Anesthesia
  • 5 – Radiology
  • 6 – Second Anesthetist
  • 7 – Calls – special tests
  • 8 – Pathology
  • 9 – Undefined item, e.g. a new


Use a code for quick identification of types of services, products or specific tariff benefits.



Speciality combination (for visit tariffs only – all other tariffs have only one record for each prefix/tariff).



Description of the product or service that will be administered and billed.


How to Adjust Tariffs




To adjust tariffs go to the Settings and under the Products & Services heading click on Tariffs.

Once inside you will be able to edit the details of a tariff by clicking on the blue icon button beside the tariff or add a new tariff by clicking on the [+ New Tariff] button in the top right corner.

Search for a tariff by using the search bar located at the top of the tariffs page.



  • Biller: from the billers set inside your Juvonno settings
  • Prefix: select from the list of prefixes in the drop-down
  • Tariff: Enter the four-digit tariff code
  • Description: Enter the listed description provided by the tariffs governing body
  • Department: is the tariff related to a product or service
  • Category: what category is the tariff related to under a department
  • Previous Manual Rate: What was the cost of the rate prior
  • Manual Rate/Fee Base:
  • Time Based: Y = Yes , N = No
  • ASV/Time Fee:
  • After-hours Premium: Yes or No
  • Requires Time: If service, and requires an amount of time select 'yes'
  • Speciality:
  • Sex Restriction: None, Male, Female (if the tariff only applies to the selected sex)
  • Age Restrictions: Minimum/Maximum
  • Hospital Required:
  • Doctors Referral Required:
  • Radiologist Required:
  • ICD 9 Code Required:
  • Manual Cost:
  • Repeat Days:
  • Effective Date:
  • Cancel Date:

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