How does the Arrived Tab work?

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Provide your practitioners with a tab that updates when a patient is marked arrived on the schedule.

When a patient arrives for their appointment, the administrator can mark the patient arrived and indicate to a practitioner on the Arrived tab that their next patient is ready to be seen and the practitioner can chart from the Arrived tab as well. This also puts the patient name under the Billing tab and the Charting tab where a practitioner can also chart the patient from.

How Does it Work?

Click on the appointment and select Patient Arrived to adjust the status.
An arrived colour appointment border will outline the appointment.




The appointment will now display within the Arrived tab.



Need to 'un-arrive' a patient?

From the scheduled appointment block select the  x.png to remove the patient's appointment from arrived status while in the Arrived tab.

Alternatively, the appointment menu has an option to Remove from Arrived.



Complete a patient's appointment

On the Arrived tab, a practitioner can mark an appointment Check.png Finished to indicate to the administrator that the appointment can now be billed.

The appointment on the schedule will now display in completed status.


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