Feature Overview: How Does the Follow-Ups Tab Work?

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Organize your task and call reminders effortlessly by creating dedicated tabs for each Follow-Up Category in Juvonno. This article guides you through the purpose of each feature and provides step-by-step instructions on setting them up.



Note: To create and assign follow-ups to staff, follow these steps to enable the Follow-ups tab and create Follow-up categories

Setting Up Follow-Up Categories (Tabs)

Establishing Follow-Up Categories enables you to neatly organize your Follow-Up tasks, calls, and to-dos into tabs, enhancing the overall organization of your clinic's tasks.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings>Groups & Categories and select Follow-Up Categories.  

Step 2

Select New Category to create a category.



Step 3

Specify the category Name, set the desired Days In The Future (this field sets the default number of days in the future to set the follow-up action. You can always override this at the time of creation) and choose a colour for the tab.

Note: The Days In The Future setting determines the date listed within the Follow-Up tab. For instance, if you enter 30 days, the date displayed in the Follow-Up tab will be 30 days from the day you schedule the Follow-Up.



How To Schedule Follow-Ups

While there are several areas in Juvonno that have this function, the most commonly used methods to schedule a follow-up are:

Step 1

Select the appointment from the schedule, and choose View Follow-up>New.



Step 2

Alternatively, within the Follow-Ups tab located on the schedule, select Follow-Ups and select the +Add button located on the far right side of the page.


Creating a Follow-Up


Learn more about the individual fields



Select from available task templates created in settings. If using the follow-up method from the appointment itself, this field will be type-to-search.


Type-to-search a patient. When using the follow-up method from the appointment itself, the patient field will already be entered.

Schedule For

By default, the user logged in will be selected to be assigned the follow-up. Select any other staff members if you prefer to assign a follow-up to them.


Choose out of the available Follow-up categories.

Time & Date

Set a time and date for the follow-up to be listed for.


The memo will by default appear based on the task template. Modify it if it requires adjustment.


View Scheduled Follow-Ups

Created follow-ups will be listed in two areas of Juvonno: 

1) Within the Follow-Ups tab, filtered by practitioner and clinic.

2) Alternatively, follow-ups will appear under the Agenda>Followups heading in the Dashboard tab.


Note Follow-ups will be logged within the Correspondence tab of the Patient's Profile
of which the follow-up was created for under the Follow Up Calls & To Dos heading.

Patient Follow-Up Calls & To Dos will be stored in the profile under the Correspondence tab, Follow-Up Calls & To Dos tab.



You are also able to +Add a Follow Up on this page.


Follow-Up Template

The task template is located under Settings>System Entities & Types.


Create task templates that you enter into the follow-up Template field. Use this for frequently used actions to save having to keep typing the same information.  


After creating the template, create the follow-up and select the template from the drop-down options.




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