How to Create an Online Booking Consent Form

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Use Appointment Booking Consent Forms to make sure that patients agree to the variables of an appointment prior to an appointment.




When setting up a consent form think over the following things that you may need a patient to sign off on:

  • Consent for Assessment and Treatment
  • Consent for Cost of Services
  • Consent for Personal Information
  • Consent for Imaging results
  • Consent for Cancellation Fees
  • Consent for Arrival Time



Fill out Scheduling Consent

By Enabling Scheduling Consent (place consent text on the portal) and Requiring Scheduling (consent checkbox) patients will now be able to see your consent form and consent text when booking an appointment in your clinics Juvonno Portal.


1. Adjust Portal Settings

Simply adjust the Portal Setting under Scheduling Consent. You will want to 'Enable' the scheduling consent, and select 'yes' on the scheduling consent required.


2. Type Consent Text

Then type out the consent text that you would like to be displayed before a patient confirms a booking request.


3. Upload Consent Form

Upload your consent form as a PDF by clicking on the 'Choose File' button. The consent form will need to come from your local computer. 

When a patient goes to check off on the consent box, they will be able to 'View Consent Document' which will open on their local device be it a computer, tablet or phone.




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