How to Grant or Block Patients Access to the Patient Portal

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Access: There are a few ways you can give access to the portal.

Block: You are able to block a patient from having access to the portal.





  1. Location
  2. Options
    1. Available Practitioners
    2. Existing Patient
    3. Create an Account Manually





Open a Patient Profile to locate their Portal Access tab.



Available Practitioners Section


Available Practitioners: Select the name/names of the Practitioners you want the patient to have access to in the portal. 

If a practitioners name is not selected, the patient will not be able to book an appointment in the portal with them.


Access field - Existing Patient




If the client is an existing Patient and does not have access to the portal you are able to send a portal Invitation to the email address you have entered on their General page. 

The invitation is active for 3 days, they are able to click a link in the invitation and create their own  Password to access the portal.



You can select Yes in this field to block a patient from having access to the portal. 

Create an Account Manually

You can create a Username and Password for test profiles and for clients who would like you to do this for them.

When a patient informs you they cannot access the portal this is a good option to use to test yourself to see if you have access. Enter their email address and a temporary password. Go to the portal and log in.  If you are able to log in you can inform the patient and provide them with the username and temporary password.  When they log in they are able to change their own password.


Select “Click here to Create an account manually”. 

Use the patients email address as the Username in the event you want to be able to obtain a forgotten password.

Enter a Password, then Save.


- If you only want to use the portal for a patient to complete Intake forms when they arrive at the clinic, you can set up each patient manually with a username and password. 

When they arrive at the clinic you can personally log them in and give them a tablet to complete their forms. 

By accessing the portal for them to fill in the forms you block them having access to any other patient or clinic information.

- Manually set up a test patient profile with portal access for the clinic to test the portal and for employee training purposes.


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