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Use the Credits Report to quickly find all the credits throughout a select date range, optionally filtered by clinic location with the criteria located at the bottom of the page.


Where is it?

Start by navigating to Invoice-Icon.png Reports. Under the Accounting heading, select Credits.


Enter in the details:

Complete the Report Parameters you are looking for.

Parameters Explained:

Learn more about what each field represents.

Start/End Date

Enter the date range for the report

Select if you would like to run the report for all clinics or for a select clinic.

Report Sample:

Click on the image to view a larger sample of the excel output.

Columns & Calculations:

  • Credit #
  • Chart #
  • Owner - Patient
  • Payment Type
  • Date
  • Total
  • Balance
    • Sum of Totals
    • Sum of Balances


To search for credits to void or reimburse go to Accounting, Credits section.
Select Credits, set the search criteria and search for the item.


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