How to Add Referral Types to the Patient Portal

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Referral Types can help track if your marketing budget is working to bring new patients into your clinic! If they are signing up through the patient portal, be sure to allow future patients to select how they found your clinic!







  1. Location
  2. Add a Referal Type
  3. Referral Type Fields









Go to Settings > Referral Types




Add a Referal Type


Click on the '+ New Referal Type' in the top right-hand corner.




Referral Type Fields



You’re able to create the types of referrals you want to track. This information is stored in the Patient Profile on their General tab under Referral Type.  

Think of all the ways that a patient could find out about your clinic and the marketing efforts your team makes to attract new patients:

  • General Practitioners
  • Other Patients
  • Events
  • Ad - Google
  • Ad - Radio
  • Ad - Sports Venue
  • Social Media, etc.


You can also create a report by going to Reports, Statistic Section, and Referrals by Type.

Portal Signup: Yes if you want patients to select how they were referred to the clinic.



 To learn more about Referal Types, click here.

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