How to Run the Receivable Listing Report

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The Receivable Listing Report is a great way to get a list of all your receivables from direct invoices, third-party invoices, and claims.

Note: For total receivables within a specific time frame,  create this report in excel and then modify the data based on a date range. This report can be opened as a PDF document or through Microsoft Excel.


Step 1

Select the Reports tab along the left side of the page.


Step 2

Under Accounting, select Receivable Listing.



Step 3

Select your data filters and output format, and click Create.


The report will now display each receivable based on your report parameters.


Receivable Listing Report PDF Output



Receivable Listing Report Excel Output

The report will download directly to your local computer.

Note: You may have to open the Downloads folder to locate your Receivable Listing Report.



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