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Does your clinic have one location or have twenty and still growing? With Juvonno you can simply set up clinic locations in system settings and run all locations out of one connected muli-location platform.



  1. How to Add a Clinic Location
    1. Clinic Location Fields
  2. How to Edit a Clinic Location


  How to Add a Clinic Location




Go to: Settings > Clinics.

Select the [+ New Clinic] button in the top right corner.


Clinic Location Fields


Clinic Name

Only place the locations name, no need to place the company name 

Address, City, Province, Postal Code


Phone, Fax

(xxx) xxx-xxxx format


General email for the clinic's location

Show Service Durations in emails

This will remind patients how long their appointment is

Track Inventory

Will your clinic be selling products such as braces, stress balls, etc.

Email Content

Enter the text you want to appear on Patient Email Reminder Messages specific to the clinic location you are editing

Default Clinic

Is this your 'main' clinic

Book In Portal

Would you like to allow patients to book this clinic in the portal

Operating Hours

Select the Open and Close time for the clinic



 How to Edit a Clinic Location




Go to: Settings > Clinics.

Click on the open button beside the name of the clinic you would like to edit.



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