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Reports Overview


Juvonno is not only the clinic management software that helps your team run it's the day to day operations, but Juvonno is also the tool that your team can leverage to grow!

Juvonno's data storage tracks everything from the second a patients profile is created, an appointment is booked, a chart is created or a payment is made, Juvonno was there to track the details for you.

Using the reporting module your team can get a glimpse of the health of your clinic's operations. Insights about Patients, Accounting, Sales, Payables, Scheduling, Payments, Inventory and Smart Statistics are all found in your reporting module!

Use the insights on reports to track your clinic's cash flow, report taxes, reconcile your day-end cashout, calculate payroll and more.



Report Security


Don't want all staff to have access to select reports?

Use, 'User Types' to set up the reports that you want administrators, practitioners, and employees to have access to.





Displaying Reports



Access the 'Reports' module on the left-hand tool-bar. From there select the report that you would like to view.

Most reports have several filters that can be adjusted to create the exact report that you are looking for. If you will be creating the same report on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, it's best practice to note which filters you adjust, and how you adjust them.


Most reports can be created in one of four formats that will be downloaded directly to your local computer:

  • PDF Summary
  • PDF Detailed
  • Excel Summary
  • Excel Detailed



Use the reporting module to your advantage and don't forget to use the PDSA cycles to continuously develop your clinic!



Note: to have access to the Reports module you must have access granted in your User Type.


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