How to Link Juvonno's Patient Portal / Online Booking to Instagram

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Linking Juvonno Online Booking to Instagram


Simply add your Juvonno Online booking (portal) directly to your Instagram account and start to direct patients one step closer to setting up a profile and booking an appointment.


1. Open Edit in Your Instagram Profile

Log in to your Instagram app on your phone and navigate to your clinic's profile, then click on the 'Edit Profile' button.



2. Add you Juvonno URL


Enter your clinic’s Juvonno Portal URL into the “Website” field.

It will look something like To find out how to find your portal URL click here.


3. Add a message to your 'Bio'

In the “Bio” section of your Instagram posts, add a message indicating that clients can click your website link to go directly to your site and book online.



4. Booking Reminders on Instagram Posts

When posting photos, videos, and stories on Instagram be sure to include 'Book Online - Link in Bio' in your captions when you post!


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