What is My Clinic's Patient Portal / Online Booking URL?

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Link your portal URL to your website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles to direct traffic to your online booking page.


There are two ways to find your portal URL in Juvonno:

Option 1 - From your clinic login page

Option 2 - From your system settings


How to find your Portal URL:

Option 1 - From the Login Page

Go to your Juvonno login URL (clinicname.juvonno.com) and click on Take Me There.




The URL for your portal will be listed in the search bar. From here you can copy and paste the URL to share online.


Option 2 - From System Settings

Go to Settings > General > Portal > Portal Login URL




Note: Your portal must be turned on for the portal to show up and be active in the system settings of modules. To turn on the patient portal, go to Settings>General>Modules>General and ensure Portal is set to Enabled




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