How to Enable Two-way Texting

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Two-Way Texting allows your team to text patients and receive texts right from Juvonno. This article will walk you through how to Enable Two-Way Texting for you and your staff.

Before you begin

You will need to subscribe to JComm. Begin by choosing a paid plan and signing up here:

Subscribe to JComm


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to Settings and select Administrators or Practitioners 

Step 2

Find the employee that requires access and select Open to access their Profile

Step 3

From inside the Profile, select Preferences then find Receive Incoming Text Notifications and select Yes from the dropdown menu and Save


Once a user has the setting mentioned above enabled in their profile, they will be notified on the schedule when an incoming text message arrives from a patient attending the same clinic of the Administrator's default clinic. The system bases this off the cell number that is on the patient's profile - and the default clinic assigned to the patient.

*Note: Any patients that do not have a default clinic set or are not yet existing as a patient in your system will display for all clinic's administrators (that have the setting enabled to receive these notifications).


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