How to Enable JComm's Two-way Texting Feature

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Two-Way Texting allows your team to text patients and receive texts right from Juvonno. This article will walk you through how to Enable Two-Way Texting for you and your staff.

Before you begin

You will need to subscribe to JComm. Begin by choosing a paid plan and signing up here:

Subscribe to JComm


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Go to Settings and select Administrators or Practitioners 

Step 2

Find the staff member you wish to enable two-way texting for and select Open to access their Profile

Step 3

From inside their Profile, select Preferences. Find Receive Incoming Text Notifications and select Yes from the dropdown menu. Then press Save.


Once a user has opted into receiving text notifications, they will be notified of incoming text messages from patients whose default clinic matches their own default clinic. The system uses the cell number in the patient's profile and the default clinic assigned to the patient to determine this. 

*Note: Any patients who do not have a default clinic assigned or do not yet exist as patients in your system will be visible to all clinic administrators (who have the setting enabled to receive these notifications).


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