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Hey there, we've updated our updates! Now you can skip to the section that's relevant to you by clicking the links right here 👉

Let's dive in and show you what's new to Juvonno this month!

What's New✨

For Administrators

Juvonno Subscriptions

Introducing a new way to generate guaranteed and recurring revenue for your practice. With Juvonno Subscriptions you can offer subscription plans that may include a bundle of services for a recurring fee. All services rendered can be easily managed, tracked, and automatically billed to the patient each period in Juvonno. Subscriptions can even be purchased on your Patient Portal!

*Note: Your clinic will need to set up one of our PCI-certified payment gateways if you wish to take advantage of auto-billing. 

Get started today by learning How to Create a Subscription Template


Intake Form Versions

Re-administer the same intake form to a patient without losing the original copy. With Intake Form Versions, all your patients' past intake forms are saved in Juvonno and viewable at any time!


Enhanced Clinic Summary Report

You now have a larger snapshot of your clinic's operations statistics. We’ve added more key performance metrics to the Clinic Summary Report including No Show %, Drop-offs, Total Assessments, and more!


Learn more about and how to run a Clinic Summary Report


Additional Updates 

Staff User Settings

  • 2FA Reset Access is now accessible by Admin Level 1
  • Added GMT+3 timezone


  • Complaints section in the Appointment Booking window can now be toggled on and off 
  • Added a setting to restrict appointment bookings without a patient name (Settings > General > Scheduling > Scheduling > Require a Patient to Schedule)
  • The Quick Menu is now accessible on Mobile devices

Patient Management

  • 4 and 5-day options have been added to both email and text Appointment Reminders
  • Added gender option of 'X' to Patient Profiles
  • Updated Manitoba Health Healthcare Validation to match changes made by Manitoba Health
  • Loyalty Points are now viewable in the Patient Lookup Window
  • Updated WSIB MSK AX and WSIB MSK POC forms to latest versions
  • Added WSIB MSK Mid Point form to library
  • For Surgery appointment bookings, added fields for Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Assistant, X-Ray Tech, and added Laterality dropdown menu
  • Added a Quick Invoices section to the Treatment Plan Actions Tab
  • Added a Contacts import option in the Patient Profile


  • Updated the CMS1500 Form and made it a fillable PDF
  • Added a menu link to Parse Remittance on OHIP Uploaded Documents
  • Added a Payment Deposit Date field for any direct deposit payments


  • New JComm Trigger added for when patients have Loyalty Points added to their account
  • The Patient Welcome Packet will now prompt a patient to complete intake forms as the first step in the process
  • The Welcome Packet now includes the default intake form required for profile creation in addition to any assigned forms
  • Added an option to select Day of when using the Date Patient Created JComm Campaign Trigger
  • Added an Alternate First Name tag option when creating a JComm campaign


For Practitioners

Practitioner Dashboard Upgrade

With valuable feedback from our community of practitioners, we've redesigned your Practitioner Dashboard! Take a quick tour with Juvonno President, Terry Davison, and see how the new Dashboard will improve your workflow!

Ultimately, the My Day section of your Dashboard has been redesigned to provide you with greater clarity, detail, and a better user experience:


Additional Updates 

Patient Management

  • Added the ability to have a secondary tracking of used counts for MIG01, MIG02 and MIG03 services in HCAI Treatment Plan Tracking
  • Adjusted various fields on OCF23 Treatment Plan for further clarity
  • Added a Laterality drop-down menu to the Complaints window
  • Updated OCF-5 form to the latest version


  • Added a new report called Working Diagnoses that pulls data out of patient charts, from a specific built-in template called ‘Chiropractic SOAP Note’. It focuses on the Working Diagnosis section of the chart template and reports on that per patient within a date range
  • Added the WCB Chiropractic First Report as a fillable PDF
  • Added the WCB Progress Report as a fillable PDF
  • Added the MPI Chiropractic Report Form as a fillable PDF
  • Added the WCB Medical Invoice form into our forms library as a fillable PDF
  • Added the WCB Medical Invoice Correction form into our forms library as a fillable PDF
  • Added the WSB Imaging form into our forms library as a fillable PDF

Advanced Clinic Settings

  • Additional fields have been added to the Surgery Tracker 
  • Added the patient's default phone number to the Slate Report


Bug Fixes & Polishes

  • Daily Availability overrides have been fixed. Now when you add a daily availability outside of a practitioner's standard schedule, the appointments will properly populate in the Patient Portal

  • Portal booking issue where available appointment times weren’t displaying after clicking the date of the next available appointment has been corrected

  • Issue where Portal Booking Price Setting is set to “no” but prices still appear has been corrected

  • Non-HCAI treatment plans no longer require a manual `approval` in order to see a countdown in the prod/services tab. Activate Plan button will auto-approve the plan.

  • Moneris users: E-Gift card purchases can now be successfully processed via the Patient Portal

  • Invoice Search: Removed the ability to apply payments to invoices that have already been paid

  • Fixed an issue with auto-populating a follow-up task not appearing in certain Treatment Plan Tracking Ladders

  • When using a credit to pay an invoice, the payment amount will now default to the invoice amount not the full credit balance

  • Fixed the revenue totals on the Clinic Summary report as the GST amounts were being duplicated in some instances

  • Removed the large page gap that appears when exporting multiple chart notes

  • Slate Reports that include multiple practitioners no longer display duplicate appointments

  • Fixed Patient Profile loading issue when searching for a patient with multiple treatment plans

  • Fixed an issue where items that were previously refunded appeared to be refundable a second time

  • Fixed issue where all users couldn’t view the transactions tab from the Schedule

  • Fixed an issue where disabling the extended insurance from the overview tab of an approved plan also disabled the HCAI insurance

  • You can now see the loyalty points for the patient along with the value of those points in dollars inside the Patient Profile

  • Fixed an issue where the initiating health practitioner on OCF 23 was not being saved

  • Loyalty point expiry function revised to account for partially-used points

  • Issue where the Slate report was showing duplicate appointments has been fixed to only display the correct one

  • Issue where treatment plans fail to load has been fixed

  • An issue where voided payments were being subtracted from the Credits Report total has been fixed

  • If a practitioner on an HCAI Treatment Plan has more than one license, the Get Info function now displays all licenses

  • An issue where rescheduling a Portal appointment was removing the Product/Service from the appointment has been fixed

  • Fixed an issue with the text message clinic filter where you were unable to filter incoming messages by clinic

  • Multi-Invoice payments with Bambora no longer remain as a “Receivable” after payment has been accepted

  • Stat holidays set by your clinic now appear as “Closed” on all schedule views

  • Minor typo on the OCF18 PDF has been corrected

  • Multi-Clinic Dashboard schedule now displays in proper order

  • Issue, where clinics were seeing unread Two-way text messages from other clinics in the company, has been corrected

  • Issue where some incoming two-way text messages were only being displayed in the correspondence section has been resolved

  • Issue where invoices were displaying the Admin’s name instead of the Practitioner's name has been corrected

  • Issue where changing from one Practitioner to another in an appointment block wasn’t saving properly has been fixed

  • Issue when creating a new practitioner and being unable to change their default availability has been fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong practitioner name from the appointment was being used to populate the Consumables report

  • Fixed an issue where by default, the consumables' line items being added to an appointment are defaulting to the Anesthesiologist and not the Surgeon / First practitioner on the appointment

  • Fixed an issue where new intake forms being created or edited were causing the previously created forms to hide from view

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases OCF23's would submit a request for $0 as the Guideline Service total estimate

  • Fixed an issue where Appointments with the Visit Type of 'Home Visit' were incorrectly sending as a Virtual Appointment reminder

  • Fixed an issue to avoid email notifications being sent to patients that don't match the requirements of the waiting list request and availability

  • Fixed and issue when using 'Complete & Chiro Bill' for a past date - where the invoice incorrectly shows the date of the claim, not the date of service.

  • Updated the Patient Profile merge function to correctly merge Intake forms from both profiles

  • Fixed an issue where trying to send a sample message when creating text campaign in JComm wasn't working

  • Fixed an issue where the  the General Practitioner’s phone number wasn't saving in the Patient Profile

  • Fixed an issue where deleting individual ‘Aways’ from a recurring grouping of aways didn't work

  • Upgraded the existing Surgery Tracker module with more fields and practitioner-specific dropdowns.

  • Added an ‘Appointments had (max)’ Filter option in the Patient Insights Report

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