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  ⇆  JuvonnoComm Email Composer

Customize email campaigns with hyperlinks, custom images and more design options.


1.jpg Easily add and edit hyperlinks towards text and/or images

2.jpg Upload images directly in the composer with public access permissions

3.jpg Swap Fonts, choose text Colours, and insert Emoticons

4.jpg Insert horizontal lines to elegantly organize your emails

5.jpg View/Edit the HTML code directly for complete customization (advanced users)



  ⇆  Patient Insights Updates

Six Additional Filters, Two 'Includes' and UI Improvements.


1.jpg Filter by Appointment Date, # of Appointments and/or Appointment Status

2.jpg Filter by patient's with Receivables, Future Appointments or if on the Waiting List

3.jpg Include the Patient's Chart #, Total Amounts Paid, and Multi-Select Patient Groups

4.jpg Report creation is prevented without at least one filter and 'include'


  ⇆  Patient Assessments Report

The new report provides practitioner assessment averages and their follow-up stats.



Note: Assign a service as an assessment from Settings > Products & Services and see each practitioner's breakdown in their own tab.



  ⇆  OHIP & Complaints

Assign a Referrer to Complaints and use them with OHIP billing to fill relevant fields.
Select in the Complaint menu to populate both the Referred By and ICD Code fields.




Notes: Complaints are created within the Patient Profile


  ⇆  Password Reset Updates

Updated email template and find associated portal accounts by email or username.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-04-08

▪ Follow-Ups Tab: Now includes Last and Upcoming Appointment date columns
▪ Product Bundles: Bundle product/services to check out multi-items at once
▪ Commissions by Practitioner: Report now lists both parts of a split invoice
▪ Patient Lookup: Added the 'Last Appointment' statistic to the Lookup Builder
▪ Internal Messaging: Added 'Trash' folder with support to 'delete' Sent messages
▪ Internal Messaging: Trash folder includes an additional 'Delete Permanently' option

▪ OHIP Billing: Retrievals now support multiple practitioners unique MOH IDs
▪ Telus eClaims: EOBs now include 'Additional Notes' for all major primary insurers
▪ Telus eClaims: Removed Inactive Sirius Benefits and Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
▪ Subscription Options: Various Email, Campaign Links updated to use secure tokens
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added 14 Days Ago option to the Last Appointment Trigger 
▪ JuvonnoComm: Appointment Ratings updated to use secure tokens
▪ Clinic Access: Now affects Communications tab, General Documents and Analytics
▪ Clinic Access: Now affects the Day-End and Clinic Summary reports
▪ Appointment Export: Now includes the Patient's Cell Phone and Email Address
▪ Payables Payment Recording: Now includes all enabled payment types
▪ Prescriptions: Now includes a cover page when being Faxed through Juvonno
▪ ClaimSecure Vision: Fillable-PDF claim form added to the Form's library
▪ GroupHealth: Fillable-PDF claim form added to the Form's library
▪ WSIB Form8: Updated existing form with a Fillable-PDF version
▪ Ontario General Test Requisition: Fillable-PDF claim form added to the library
▪ Ontario Laboratory Requisition: Fillable-PDF claim form added to the library
▪ Toronto Medical Imaging Requisition: Fillable-PDF claim form added to the library
▪ Manitoba Health: Remittance by Date reports now ran by Remittance Date
▪ Manitoba Health: Rejections & Abnormal Payments now ran by Remittance Date
▪ Previous Charts: Link setting (General > Appointments > Appointment Menu Links)
▪ Open Appointments: Report's Excel output now includes Patient Warnings
▪ System Update: HCAI Dashboard has been refactored/optimized for loading speed
▪ System Update: HCAI Dashboard now displays Denied treatment plans in bold
▪ System Update: HCAI Dashboard now displays submitted invoices over $1000
▪ System Update: OCF-18 PDF Form supports longer text entered in the form fields
▪ System Update: OCF-18 Form supports more than 4 Injury Codes added to the plan
▪ System Update: Day End Report now includes non-clinic specific payments
▪ System Update: Invoice Search 'Enable Multi-Payment' supports line item payments
▪ System Update: Portal Intake notifications now avoid sending multiple clinic emails
▪ System Update: Manulife Claim Form now populates the member & patient fields
▪ System Update: Portal Intake notifications avoid sending multiple clinic emails
▪ System Update: Schedule load optimizations made with Aways
▪ System Update: Internal Messaging 'Select-All' option added for bulk-deletion
▪ System Update: Completing a COVID Survey from the Patient Portal revised
▪ System Update: Previous Charts now displays up to 100 of the patient's latest charts
▪ System Update: Inactive Practitioners removed from the View Appointments' filters

System Update: Password resets can now be initiated using the email or username
System Update: Password resets follow the latest password policies in the system
System Update: Password resets shows an error to call the clinic if account not found
▪ System Update: Cancelled Appointment Schedule Filter revised to be user-specific
System Update: Clinic Access revised for non-clinic-defaulted profiles or patients
System Update: Clinic Access applied to Payment Recording's Clinic Selection
System Update: Clinic Access applied to Appointment Reminders
▪ System Update: Blue Cross claim form now includes patient and provider information
▪ System Update: Patient Profile 'Native Status' updated to 'Indigenous Status'
▪ System Update: JuvonnoComm now omits Todo/Follow-Ups from Appointment Stats

System Update: Removed Gift Card sales from Clinic Statistics, Clinic Summary,
... Sales by Practitioner, Sales by Payor, Comprehensive Sales, Day End, 
... Employee Sales Statistics, Item Sales by Date, Sales by Date,
... Detailed Sales by Date and Referring Practitioner with Sales reports

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