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  ⇆  Clinic Access Settings (Phase 1)

Divide your multi-clinic system by selecting which location data users can access.
Phase 1 starts at the Schedule, Patient Search and Specific Reports.


1.jpg All parts of the Schedule,(i.e. Clinic Filters, Resources, etc.) can be clinic-restricted

2.jpg Patient Search filters down to the clinic's patients (based on the default clinic set)

3.jpg User Type added to assign control over other user's Clinic Access settings

4.jpg Clinic Summary, Comprehensive Sales, Patient Summary Reports clinic filtered

5.jpg Payments Received, Aged AR by Date Reports clinic filtered


Note: If a patient/practitioner does not have a default clinic, they will appear for all.



  ⇆  Charted / Cancelled Appointments

Quickly see a filtered view of appointments that have been charted and/or locked.
Charts that have not been manually saved will remain 'In Progress' in the Charting tab.



Note: Select 'Refresh' to update your appointments that have been charted.
Enable in Settings > General > Scheduling > Appointment Display > Chart Icon



  ⇆  Patient 'Complaints'

Attach ICD codes to complaints, viewable/assignable right from charting.
Type-to-search ICD codes in your system by description or code.



  ⇆  Patient Portal Conflicts

Assign product/services with their own allowed conflicts on the Portal.
Allow your preferred amount of concurrent appointments booked with that item.



Notes: The product/service with the lowest amount of conflicts will take priority. By default all product/service conflicts are set to '0'.


Updates.png More Release Updates | 2021-03-01

▪ Resource Self-Arrival: Appointment Date preset for the patient's new chart
▪ Resource Self-Arrival: Appointments are auto-arrived once the patient signs in
▪ Bad Debt Report: Added a Practitioner filter and an Excel output option
▪ Charting Authors: The last Practitioner to 'Complete' the chart is assigned the Author
▪ Chart Versions: The user that 'Completes' a chart is logged within the versions menu
▪ Charting: Complete & Close, Exit links are now disabled while charts are autosaving
▪ Charts Tab: Opening a Completed chart displays a preview before edits can be made
▪ Previous Charts: Menu link can be switched to the patient profile's Chart tab
▪ COVID-19 Survey: Added a 'Manual' option to the COVID-19 Survey Module setting
▪ Patient Lookup: Added 'Credits' to the available statistics in the Lookup builder
▪ JuvonnoComm: New Benefits Reminder template with new imaging & messaging
▪ JuvonnoComm: System timeout warning added to avoid losing unsaved progress
▪ JuvonnoComm: Added 2/3 Month Prior 'Send On' to the Benefits Reminder template
▪ Patient Portal: Auto-Defaults the Practitioner/Clinic for new Patients
▪ Telus eClaims: Added Union Benefits and RWAM Insurance as primary insurers
▪ Invoice Template: Now includes the secondary practitioner's credentials
▪ Concussion SCAT 5: Fillable PDF form added to library
▪ Royal Canadian Mounted Police: Fillable PDF claim form added to library
▪ Manitoba Blue Cross: Updated claim form to latest version in fillable-PDF format
▪ Sales by Practitioner Report: Added a clinic filter to the report's parameters 
▪ OCF21B and OCF21C: Added practitioner digital signatures on the generated PDFs
▪ Product/Service Categories: Toggle added to hide/show category in Policy Rules
System Update: New Patient Profile displays correct subscriptions defaults
System Update: Reminder options revised for the Appointment Booking menu
System Update: Optometry Exam 2 saving additional fields revised
▪ System Update: Removed 'Read-Only' mouse cursor on chart date/time editor
▪ System Update: Updated text on the charting window from 'Close' to 'Exit'
▪ System Update: Charting autosave now omits the 'Complaint' selection menu
▪ System Update: Payment Received report updated to support a larger date range
System Update: Invoicing with Default Policy Rules for multiple items revised
System Update: Resource Query cached to assist with Schedule loading
System Update: COVID Survey Query cached to assist with Schedule loading
▪ System Update: COVID Survey's now use 48hr secure tokens
System Update: Consolidated Invoice - Actual Insurance Amount revised
System Update: Editing the attached Treatment Plans on an Invoice revised
System Update: Text Message reminders now support dynamic time zones
System Update: OHIP Parsing updated and errors cleared
System Update: Practitioner Day Sheets PDF layout revised
System Update: Appointment Export updated max row count
System Update: Appointment Export removed Phone # and Email columns
System Update: Restrict duplicate 'Saves' on Portal Intake form completion
System Update: Revised the 'Last Item Invoiced' on the Patient Drop-Off report
System Update: JuvonnoComm text message campaigns now filters out tab spacing
System Update: HCAI Dashboard loading error cleared and queries revised

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