New to Juvonno - April 2023

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We continue our 2023 unofficial theme of "Out with the old, in with the new" with Juvonno's latest system update. Without further adieu, let's dive in and show you what's new to Juvonno!

What's New ✨

1. Treatment Plan Revamp

We've made creating, tracking, and completing treatment plans easier than ever with the new layout and simplified Tracking Ladders.


HCAI users, you can now create OCF forms using pre-built treatment templates. When creating a new OCF, only the required fields will populate eliminating any extra guesswork. Plus, we've added a brand-new Form Validation feature that will flag any errors or missed fields prior to submitting to help eliminate submission errors.

Create a Treatment Plan from right inside a patient's profile. Try it out for yourself, we hope you love it!


2. Out-of-Office Text Responder

Get back to your patients, even when you're not around. The Out-of-Office Text Responder allows you to send a default text response to any patients that text your clinic outside of office hours.



Learn How to Setup and Edit the Out-of-Office Text Responder


3. Invoice Refund

Refunds just got easier! Refund a payment, restore inventory, and mark an invoice as refunded in just a few clicks with the new Invoice Refund feature. Pretty convenient right?



Learn How to Refund an Invoice


4. Auto-Phrase Categories for Charting

Keep your Auto-Phrases for charting organized with the new Auto-Phrase Categories feature. This feature allows you to create categories for your commonly used phrases making them easier to find and use while charting!


Learn How to Create Auto-Phrase Categories

Other Updates ⚡️

Staff User Settings

  • User Type: Added the ability to Grant or Restrict access to creating STAT holidays by a user type in the Schedule section of the Settings
  • User Type: Updated/fixed the ability to Grant or Restrict access to the Two-Way Texting module by a user type in the Communications section of the Settings


  • Multi-day Appointment Booking: Added a setting that allows you to book appointments that span multiple days
  • Default Visit Type in Appointment Booking: You are now able to change the Default Visit Type for Appointment Bookings (i.e. Telehealth, In-clinic, etc.) in the General settings under Scheduling

Patient Management

  • Star Vision Optical Lab Order Form: New form now available in Juvonno
  • Patient Lookup: Added plan numbers to the Patient Lookup builder's insurance section and fixed an issue where phone numbers won't display if they include a parenthesis
  • Merged Patient Profiles: When merging a patient profile, the existing Two-Way Texts will also be assigned to the merged profile
  • Patient Search Default Clinic: Added a Default Clinic column that lists the patient’s default clinic on the Patient Search page
  • Patient Profile Header: Default Clinic field has been added to the patient profile header
  • Patient Profile DOB: Date of Birth date selection now defaults to show the last 100 years and won't allow future dates to be selected


  • Blue Cross: Added the latest version of the Blue Cross form as a fillable pdf to our form library
  • Loyalty Points Expiry Setting: You can now set an Expiry Date or Expiry Time (# of Days) for Loyalty Points
  • MPI Consolidated Invoice (batch): The batch PDF will now auto-populate the dates and the Chiropractors' digital signature
  • WCB Consolidated Invoice (batch): The batch PDF will now auto-populate Appointment Date(s), Insurance's Injury Date and the Initial Treatment Date
  • WSIB FAF Form: Form will now auto-populate Default Phone # from the Patient Profile


  • JComm: Added a 2 Years parameter under the Last Appointment trigger to filter your patient list
  • Two-Way Texting: Added settings to include Default Clinic and Patient Group (both defaulted to disabled). When enabled it will show the default clinic and group under the patient’s name in the Two-Way texting module
  • Two-Way Text Threads: By default, when opening a Two-Way Text thread you will now be taken to the most recent message
  • Invoice Email Template: Updated the email address attached to the Invoice Email template, to pull from the clinic's information rather than the company's

Patient Portal

  • Patient Portal Intake Form Status: Intake forms now remain editable on the Patient Portal until marked Completed
  • Patient Portal Invoices: Patients can now select multiple invoices on the Patient Portal to pay at the same time using Stripe 
  • Patient Portal Practitioner Gallery View: Added a setting for the Practitioner Gallery (disabled by default) to show the practitioners in a card format instead of just in the drop-down menu
  • Patient Portal French Language Translation: Updated a few translations to reference the correct wording in French
  • Patient Portal Activation Header Links: When a patient is sent their Portal Access Email, the Login and Book Appointment links are hidden to avoid the creation of a second profile
  • Restrict Clinic Selection to Default Clinic: Patients can now be restricted from booking appointments at any clinic other than the default clinic assigned in their Patient Profile. Other locations will be hidden from view.
  • Patient Portal Phone Format with Country Code: Added the option to include a mandatory Country Code drop-down menu when entering a phone number during signup
  • Patient Portal Profile Display Subscription Preferences: Added the option to show or hide Subscription Preferences (i.e. clinic emails) in the Profile on the Patient Portal


  • Purchase Order Report: Added an Export to Excel Report option on the Purchase Order page to populate the results found on the PO search
  • Onhands Report: Added a Min Onhand filter to the Onhands Report that when enabled will only populate results of products that have equal to or lower than the set minimum
  • Patient Retention Report: Added a Patient Rebook % and Patient Rebook (Same Practitioner) % to the Patient Retention Report
  • Patient Insights: Added a Deceased Filter to Patient Insights Report (checkbox, yes or no)
  • Login History Report: Added a user filter that can be used to filter the Login History Report to only include a specific user's login history
  • Comprehensive Sales Report: Added a Discount column to the Detailed Excel version of the report
  • Day End Report: Removed Credits and Gift Cards from the Payments Received section on the Day End Report and put it below in its own section called Gift Cards & Credits Redeemed
  • Day End Report: Added a section to the report to view Payment Gateway Subtotals 
  • Purchase Order - Excel Report: Added a Summary tab with only invoice totals, vendor subtotal and grand totals

Advanced Clinic Settings

  • HCAI Treatment Plan Templates: Added HCAI-specific treatment plan templates, so that the existing templates can be assigned as either 'OCF18' or 'OCF23' template
  • HCAI Dashboard User Type Access: Added a user type toggle to allow access to the HCAI dashboard (previously only accessible by admins)
  • Surgery Tracker: Added the following items to the Surgery Tracker modal: a) Surgical Assistant (dropdown to select 1 or more existing practitioners) b) Anesthesia Type dropdown menu c) Delay Code d) Dictation (Yes/No) checkbox
  • Ontario Lab Requisition Form: Updated the existing form to be auto-filled based on certain Patient Profile and Practitioner Fields
  • Chart Note Import: The Chart Note import has improved speed, and the ability to handle larger data sets and see progress as its importing
  • Document Import: When a user uploads a document, Juvonno will now read the filename and auto-populate the document's name to match


Bug Fixes & Polishes 🔧

  • Quick Menu is now accessible when using a mobile device
  • Outstanding Invoices now populate properly inside the Patient Portal
  • Adjusted the text of the portal’s login page from ‘username’ to Username / Email
  • Fixed an issue with certain messages not being able to be marked as read or unread
  • Fixed an issue with appointment booking prompting the user that the patient is being booked at the wrong clinic, when they have no default clinic set
  • Fixed an issue where the reminder options on Appointment Booking were hidden from view when searching and selecting a patient right from the patient search on the apt booking window
  • Recurring invoices being manually created are now assigned a unique invoice number
  • New Patient Portal users are now required to click the recaptcha check box to sign up
  • Special characters now display correctly within the Two-Way Texting thread
  • Patient Statement PDF now calculates the total of the Amount column
  • Max visit (appointment) count rules set with patient insurance profiles now prevent or warn the user that the max assigned to the insurance is met
  • When patients reschedule appointments on the portal, they now display correctly on the admin side
  • Removed error message that appeared when cancelling appointments from the patient lookup
  • Invoice Search's Third Party filter listing no longer includes deleted/inactivated third-party companies
  • You can now delete individual instances within a recurring away
  • Patient Summary Invoice now shows the correct secondary practitioner per invoice
  • A limit of 200 of the most recent 200 charts has been set to correct Patient Profile loading issues
  • Practitioner credentials are now hidden on the practitioner gallery and when a practitioner is selected when the setting is set as Disabled
  • Issue where the schedule wasn't auto-refreshing after rescheduling an appointment has been fixed
  • Issue where patients couldn't be searched through the magnifying glass in the appointment screen, has been fixed.
  • When a service is performed anywhere other than a registered facility, that facility type now displays
  • Issue where the appointment import app wasn’t setting an end date to appointments has been fixed
  • Comprehensive Sales Report now display the correct value in the Discounts field
  • Added a loading screen when a new patient profile is saved, which prevents the creation of duplicate profiles
  • Fixed an issue where making changes on any custom fields of the patient profile wasn't saving the fields data when applying changes
  • When the user edits an appointment's details and changes a product that's bundled with others, where one or more of them have taxes applied, the taxes show up correctly now
  • Error that appeared when sending the Welcome Packet without an intake form has been fixed
  • During Invoice Search, the Email option now appears by default
  • Recaptcha function on portal signup has been updated
  • Error of not pulling the contact information when generating a letter and using the Lawyer tag has been fixed
  • Issues with Moneris when using the Payment Request email have been fixed

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