How to Run the Payments Received Report

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The Payments Received Report displays the payments received during the selected date range. Follow these steps to run the report.


Step 1

Select the Reports tab along the left side of the page.



Step 2

Under Payments & Adjustments, select Payment Received.



Step 3

Select the Clinics, Start Date, and End Date for your report.


Tip: To select multiple clinics, hold Ctrl & click on each clinic




Step 4

Check off if you'd like to include Invoices, Claims, Refunds Credits.



Step 5

Select the Gateways, Payment Types you'd like to include and Type then click Create.


Tip: To select Payment Types, hold Ctrl & click on each payment type.
This report will also provide your Write - off transactions.




Your report will now display all payments received within your chosen report parameters.



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