How to create calls and todos

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You are able to create your own Calls & To Dos as reminders for follow ups and actions you need to perform.


From the Home Page you will see the Calls and ToDos Section located on the right side of the page.




Simply click the juovnno_plus_sign_button.JPG located beside one of the sections to start to create the Call or ToDo.  You will get the Task/Call popup.




Action Type:Select the Type.

Title:Enter a title for the action.

Patient:Start typing the name of a patient and select from the options.

Assigned To:Automatically defaults to your own name.

Date:Select the date you want to perform the action.

Time:Select the time you want to perform the action.

Alert:Select if you want an alert to popup and warn you of the action to tae.

Memo:Enter a custom memo if you like.

Then Save.


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