How to Set Up a Recurring Away

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If a practitioner (or administrator) is unavailable at a certain time because of regularly scheduled breaks, meetings, etc., follow the steps below to set up Recurring Aways for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly frequencies.



Note: To allow a user to schedule Aways, go to their profile to confirm their User Type. Then go to Settings > Staff > User Types > Scheduling > Manage Scheduling Aways to update their User Type settings.

Keep in mind these changes will apply to all users assigned this User Type.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

From the Schedule, click the button away_1.png beside a practitioner's name and select New Away.


Step 2

Inside the pop-up window, after selecting the Type, select Yes from the drop-down menu beside Recurring.


Step 3

Select the Time From and Time To then select the Employee in the dropdown menu.

Note: The Employee menu allows you to create a Recurring Away for any staff member including Administrators


Step 4

Set the Start Date and End Date.


Step 5

Select the Frequency.


Step 6

Enter any Notes and click Save.



The Recurring Away will now be blocked off and displayed on the Schedule 


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