How to Set Up OHIP Settings

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1. System

1. Go to Settings, Clinic, OHIP section and enter the MOH ID #, Username, Password and only add the Group Number if the clinic is set up with their doctors in a "Group".


2. Import Tariffs/Fee Codes

Go to Accounting. Under the OHIP section select Import Tariff Fees. Upload the OHIP tariff file. Select Send File.

The uploaded Tariffs will appear listed under Settings, Products & Services section, Tariffs option. 


3. Module Settings

Go to Accounting. Under the OHIP section select Module Settings.



Webservice field: Must set to Yes.

MOH ID field: Is your clinic number, this is the same number that appears under Settings>General>System>Accounting>Clinic Health Care Numbers it is a 5 digit #.

Username: This is the username registered with OHIP.

Password: Enter your OHIP password. 


Practitioner Profile

The Practitioner Billing number will be entered in the Practitioner field.


The Suffix field must be filled in.


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