2023 ⇆ Dec-Jan Updates

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  ⇆  Update Highlights




  ⇆  Patient Lookup Updates

Search patients by phone or email, and view more details within the lookup.


1.jpg Enter the patients phone number or email in the patient lookup to find matches

2.jpg Use the Lookup Builder to include various patient Insurance information and coverage*

3.jpg Select the phone number in the lookup to send a text message (cell only)

4.jpg Added +New Letter, and linked the Total Credit/Total Invoiced amounts to view details


Notes: Insurance section of the lookup also provides a direct link to coverage remaining details as well as the insurance's settings.


  ⇆ Patient Welcome Packet

Send patients a welcome email that includes portal signup and filling in intake forms.


1.jpg Assign and default your intake forms to specific product categories

2.jpg Patients are guided through their portal login setup and filling out assigned forms

3.jpg Welcome emails are logged in Patient Profile > Correspondence > System Emails


Note: Learn more about the Welcome Packet here



  ⇆  Recurring Aways

Practitioners can now have recurring Aways scheduled from the 'New Away' window.


1.jpg Quickly create multiple Aways at once, based on a recurring frequency

2.jpg Functionality is similar to how recurring appointments are booked

3.jpg Hold CTRL to select multiple days together (when using 'Weekly option)


Note: As with recurring appointments, once a grouping of Aways is scheduled, users can either delete them individually or as a group.




 ⇆  HCAI Dashboard

Various improvements and additions made to improve the user interface.


1.jpg Added a type-to-search to filter results by patient name or HCAI document number

2.jpg Added a Plan type filter to only view either OCF23 or OCF18-related submissions

3.jpg Consolidated rows per treatment plan, displaying the most recent actions on top

4.jpg Added a treatment plan menu to: Mark Plan Exhausted, Quick Invoice, or Hide Plan*


Note: Marking a plan exhausted or hiding a plan will remove the treatment plan's row displaying on the HCAI Dashboard. Use these features to quickly tidy up plans that are no longer active. Learn more about the HCAI Dashboard here


Updates-mini.png More Release Updates | 2023-01-19

▪ Schedule Clear Cache: A single 'Refresh' link has replaced the previous two options of either refreshing the calendar or clearing cache and performs both tasks together in one click.

▪ Intake Forms: A new user type setting has been added to permit/restrict the ability to unlock locked intake forms. By default this permission is restricted.

▪ Invoice Search: A running subtotal now displays in the 'Enable Multipayment' module that provides the sum of the payments being applied.

▪ Invoice Search: Added support to email multiple invoices to multiple patients at once. Select the invoices using the checkbox, set the 'With Selected' menu to 'Email' and hit 'Go' to proceed.
(A preview window will display allowing further changes before sending.)

▪ Invoice Refund: Added a link to the Invoice Search > Invoice Menu to Refund Invoices which voids the invoice and refunds any payments assigned in one click. *Coming Soon*

▪ Promotions by Date: This new report outputs promotion-related details such as which type of promotion was used, what item was purchased, retail value, discount value and discount percentage.

▪ Patient Portal: Added support for patients to pay multiple outstanding invoices at once. Note, as with other portal payments, this requires a Payment Gateway (either Stripe or TD Bambora) to work.

▪ Patient Portal: Added a 'Portal Signup 18yrs and older' toggle setting that can be enabled to prevent users from entering in a date of birth on signup/portal profile that is less than 18 years of age.

▪ Communication Subscriptions: Relabeled 'Juvonnocomm' to 'Clinic Notifications' on the
patient's side of their subscription settings to clarify the types of emails/text patient's may receive.

▪ Comprehensive Sales by Category: Added a new output to the report which tracks sales by product category with both summary and detailed views.

▪ Patient Two-Way Chat: Added a system setting to default all messages as being 'read' when opened, or 'unread' which then requires the user to set the message to 'read' in order to clear the new message indicator. *Currently this is only accessible by Juvonno staff.*

▪ HCAI: Added support for product/service attributes to indicate when an item is provided virtually or in clinic. This is found in the treatment plan product/services tab for applicable codes only.

▪ HCAI : Added support for submitting fully paid (Other Insurer) invoices to HCAI for tracking purposes. Learn more on how to submit this type of invoice here.

▪ HCAI : Added support for adding in a 'Other Practitioner' on-the-fly from the treatment plan where the initial practitioner seen by the patient is not part of the clinic.

▪ HCAI : Added coverage remaining to the Treatment Plan hotlinks to view how much $ remaining per product/service (alongside the Qty). Also added this in the Treatment Plan's Product/Service tab.

Print Batches : Added a link to remove individual invoices from Print Batches. This can be performed from Invoice Search > Invoice Menu > Remove from Batch or the Patient Profile > History > Invoices tab.

Payment Gateways : Added support for defaulting payment gateways for the patient portal and Juvonno's admin side separately. (Previously the default setting controlled both.)

▪ New PDF-Fillable Forms Added:

  WCB Shoulder Surgical Review
  Alberta Health Surgical Contracts
  Alberta Health Surgical Services V1
  Alberta Health Surgical Services V2
  ADC Requisition
  MSK Imaging Intervention
  BEAM Pain Requisition
  BEAM General Requisition
  BEAM MRI CT Requisition

▪ Imports Upgraded with a Worker:
(Improved upon speed, size and accuracy of import)

  Patient Import
  Appointment Import
  SOAP Notes Import
  Transactions Import
  Correspondence Import

▪ Surgical Tracker: Added a date-select column to the surgical tracker modal
▪ Telus: Added Equitable Life as a Primary Insurer to submit through Juvonno
▪ New Patient Report: Added a Upcoming Appointment column to the Excel output
▪ Prescriptions: Added the ability to assign multiple drugs to a single prescription
▪ Appointment Emails: Now displays previous Apt date/time on rescheduled notifications
▪ Invoice Template: Added toggle setting to show/hide the appointment's start time
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Added the patient's referral type to the Excel Detailed report
▪ Comprehensive Sales: Added the patient's group to the Excel Detailed report
▪ Invoice Editor: Added treatment plan hotlinks to the editing window to select from
▪ Sales by Practitioner: Added non-practitioner sales (separately grouped) to the report
▪ Slate Report: Added a toggle to hide patient names on report generation
▪ Invoice Search: Added option to search by WCB Transaction ID (when applicable)
▪ Juvonno API: Added Waitlist API endpoints
▪ Jcomm: Insurance Benefit expiry tag now no longer display the year (only day and month)
▪ Jcomm: Added a Balance Amount tag available to use with the Balance Owing trigger
▪ Prescriptions: Added support for decimal amounts in dosages
▪ User Types:
Added a user type setting to permit/denie access to 'Force Save' appointments
▪ Jcomm: Added a Biweekly frequency option which sends communications every 2 weeks
▪ Patient Push: Added the ability to push patient profile data to more than one system
▪ Allergies: Added the ability to inactivate allergies within the Patient Profile's Intake tab
▪ Lifelab Requisition: the form now auto-fills physician, clinic and various other patient fields
▪ General Documents: Updated text from 'Minimum User Type' to 'Minimum Staff Type'
▪ Taxes Collected Report: Updated the PDF output to display GST/HST instead of only GST
▪ Payment Gateway: Moved the setting under the Modules tab > Integrations section
▪ Moneris Payment Gateway: Added support for adding credit cards on the patient profile
▪ WCB Alberta: Added Contract # field to Checkout and an Encounters field to line items


Other System Updates:

Change logs of deleted charts no longer display across all patient histories
Appointment cancellation loading prompt revised
Reminder Calls report revised to prevent loading error
Revised 'Warnings' popup when setting assigned to display on on direct invoices
Separated Gift Cards out of Credits (and vice-versa) on Receive Payment 
Schedule Next appointment process revised to avoid timeout
Optometry Exam 3 (Suggested) now autocompletes Refraction new Eyeglass Rx
Chart Export revised to remove additionally generated blank pages
Chart Export revised to prevent overlap and cut-off at header/footer
Apple Pay with Promo Code overrides revised to display correct price
Deleted Promotions are now correctly treated as inactive
Revised the product/service search popup when a code is entered in error
100% Discounted Promo Codes revised to permit recurring invoicing
First-time patient Promotion Discounts now affect charged amount
Reduced Payment Intent creation with Stripe and Promotion purchases
Recurring owing invoices no longer revert delinquent subscriptions
Moneris' stored credit cards now display in the patient's accounting tab
Intake/Chart page's template results now display in full (max removed)
Patient Insights' Last Appointment filter revised to remove inactive visits
Home Schedule's practitioner stats no longer includes inactive visits
Practitioner dashboard's stats no longer includes inactive visits
Practitioner's dashboard is no longer affected by the Schedule's filters
Practitioner's dashboard's Month View revised to load correctly
Resolved portal server error related to the 'Require Credit Card' setting
Practitioner notification emails now send regardless of the pending email
Promotions report updated to generate with or without subscriptions
Practitioner Booking email notifications revised to send correct template
▪ Patient Summary 'email report' function updated to fix patient selection
Deleting 'all' future recurring appointments revised
Chinese Characters now display in Communication > Text Messages
Todo/Calls alert popups restored to display on login
Receivable Listings report now displays longer Payor names
Letter tags no longer display the tag code when no data found
Two-Way chat message indicator now displays until message is read
System SMS correspondence logs' Message display revised
OCF24's Part 4 and 5's additional information text no longer linked
OCF18's (PDF) Part 8c revised to correct original selection
▪ OCF18's (PDF) Nurse Practitioner Type now displays correctly
Invoice template's appointment time no longer overlaps with line items
Revised schedule cache to prevent appointments from being hidden
Sales by Practitioner report now displays multi-practitioner invoices
Reminder History report no longer displays error on generation
Payment Gateway defaults no longer affect credit card storage
Appointment Checkout now tracks user who invoiced an appointment
Restored Analytics page to load without graph errors
Revised the Patient Lookup's Appointment stats to skip follow-ups
Fixed On-the-fly discounts alignment issue in Apt Checkout
Displayed on-the-fly discounts on Apt Checkout-created invoices
Quick invoice service selection revised with on-the-fly discounts
Quick invoice item's initial date now defaults to the service date
Added non-practitioner quick invoices to the Clinic Summary report
Prevented duplicate data populating rows in the Clinic Summary report
Restored eGift Card's missing text and undefined links
Revised HCAI Preview modal to correctly filter out inactive insurances
Restored correct practitioner's name on invoices' line items
Invoice Edits no longer clear out the product/service's retail amount
Cleared false positive error when both Stripe and Moneris are enabled
Secondary practitioners no longer default to newly added line items
Chart SOAP note imports revised to avoid memory limit errors
Added support for 50+ results in patient profile > history > payments tab
Settings are now stored in a constants file vs being attributed in queries
Added support for multi-payments across multiple invoice search's pages

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